Saturday, October 20, 2007

Says researcher, Dr. Louis Lefebvre:
"People tend not to like crows, because they have this fiendish look to them and they're black and they like dead prey."

*looks around guiltily*
*scribbles "corvid" off list of possible tattoo ideas*
...Just kidding. I'd never take those birds off my tattoo ideas. Still, it's funny - I love the corvidae family, and they come in second only to Strigidae (typical owls). I finally have some good reccomendations for places to get the ink done. Even if it's still a while until I fully flesh out/sketch out the design I want, it feels like another step forward. Happy!

I need to get ahold of a black sharpie.
Those "Math Lab" fliers around campus are just asking for it.

One of my profs described his kids to us today. They lived overseas for a while, and the Prof was like "Yeah, our 7 y/o developed a full-blown Scottish brogue, so we'd ask him how his day at school went, he'd answer, and we'd be like, "...We have no idea what you just said." And then his daughter (5 y/o?) somehow adopted a high-top accent from London, so she'd wander around the apartment demanding "A spot of tea." Then he said his 21 month old was what the English generally call "a nutter". His exact words were "Yeah, he's just a nutcase. I honestly wonder sometimes if the the nurses at the hospital somehow gave him Scotch like, an hour after he was born. That'd explain a lot." His youngest daughter just "Lies around doing nothing and looking cute." I was laughing a lot. But quietly, because I came in late and had to sit by these really uptight girls with like, perfect hair and makeup that never crack a smile.

Alternately,the man that teaches Western Humanities in Christian Perspective could make even the nicest person want to punch a baby in the throat. And I'm far away from the "nicest person" status. I spent the entire time imagining ways in which he could meet his demise. I got pretty creative, too! *proud* I've decided that I'm going to stay silent in class until I figure out what points of views he most heartily disagrees with, then not open my mouth again unless it's arguing FOR those items. Seriously. He doesn't make me want to slack off; instead, I want to absorb everything he teaches me, and then use it against him. He's a smug asshole and I don't like him.

I am Syphilis. Don't Screw With Me, Or I'll Give You Dementia.
Which Horrible Affliction are you?
A Rum and Monkey disease.