Friday, August 17, 2007

10 Things I've learned in the past week:

1) Listening to bad but obnoxiously catchy pop music over and over (and OVER) on their myspace page is a bad idea. Now I flinch any time any bad pop music comes on, just because I've made myself so sick of Mika.

2) Sabotaging the cookies you originally made for the new neighbors just so you can scarf them down yourself is mean.
Mean, but very yummy.

3) When the doctor lets you take the top amount of antidepressants, just as a "summer experiment", don't drink your normal amount of coffee and diet coke. I almost exploded with the bounciness that ensued.

4) Barefoot is the best way to go. I literally spent the whole weekend (Thursday through Sunday) at the DeLew's new lakehouse with bare feet. I didn't put shoes on once, and loved it.

5) I still have a deep, instilled love for boating. I've grown up on the DeLew's boats, and even though I have a phobia of drowning, I still count boat rides among some of my most favorite activities.

6) Because I make anyone going out skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, etc. take me with them on the boat, they make me spot the people that actually go into the water to do such activities. This annoys me. Therefore, I can't resist the temptation to act like a jackass, and order the driver to speed up when the person out on the water does the thumbs down to slow down, and wait five minutes before informing the driver that the skiier went down a ways back. Hee. Being a jerk is just so much more amusing than being nice...

7) My family and the DeLew's family need new joke material. I fall out of the boat once when I'm five years old, and I never hear the end of it. Honestly, we go on vacations with this family at least twice a year, every year, and every single time, they revisit the same story, over and over again. Ok, so it's a pretty funny story. I get that. But it's gotten a spidge old over the last ten years. Can we move on, please? kthx.

8) Clive Barker's Abarat books are amazing fantasy novels, if you feel like indulging in some of that genre. It's all very original and creative - takes some getting used to, and perhaps an open mind, but I adore these books. Great vacation reads. As is Charles de Lint - his works are true art. They're haunting and beautiful and terrifying all at once...I'm in the midst of reading Dreams Underfoot; check out all his Newford series and you won't be disappointed.

9) Zack Efron is no Kevin Bacon. Leave us the original Footloose and lose the remake, you little punk.

10) Anyone at all who was involved in passing the law against smoking in public in Illinois is a little bitch.


Kate the Peon said...

Amen to #10. Where in IL are you??

Nebulous Grey said...

Dupage County - Wheaton area.