Monday, November 26, 2007

I want some fuckin' Diet Coke.

Damn cafeteria, damn nasty pepsi products.

...I found a spanish Jerry Springer. Not that I speak spanish well at all, but the hand gestures say it all!

Alright, maybe it's not Jerry Springer.
It might be Dr. Phil.

Wow, the content of this post was genius. I saaay.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm in Panera Bread right now, among hard-working business people in suits and pencil skirts, and to all appearances, I'm just a diligent college student working on serious homework while eating a scrumptious Dutch Apple bagel with delicious Honey Walnut spread.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. What I'm *actually* doing is watching this...
Heads up, Jim Henson fans and all of us who grew up on Sesame Street. Remember Teeny Little Super Guy? YEAH, YA DO.

"Serious Homework":

It's a good thing I'm in a public place, or I'd be grinning goofily and making "Eeee!" noises while exclaiming "Omg, yes! He lived in a cup!" and clapping gleefully.

I, uh..share because I love?

Saturday, November 3, 2007


1) Walking to a few stores the other day, I walked by a dude who was strolling down the sidewalk hollering, "I'm gonna pee in your butt, hey hey! I'm gonna pee in your butt, hey hey!"

2) On the shuttle to Target today, the girls behind me were discussing several topics, none of them concerning education. At one point, the conversation dwindled...then one of the gals busted this out:
"So one of my elementary school teachers? Used to fake heart attacks." Completely matter of fact. I was already trying not to laugh when she followed it up with:
"Yeah, he'd lay down on a table and just shake around really hard. Any spare change that fell out of his pockets he'd, you know, let us keep."

Just think, if any of those students ever encountered someone having an actual heart attack...They'd laugh madly and make off with the person's spare change.

Actually, it's quite a good excuse for robbing the incapacitated. Hmm.