Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snippet Update (I am a bad, bad blog parent.)

*The answer to 75% of the questions I'm asked in my life is "Because people are idiots."

*This election is seriously fucking with my brain.

*Yay for actually disciplining myself and getting back to writing a little bit a day. Took me long enough. Jesus.

*Every other word out of my mouth is a swear these days. It's getting pretty bad. Too bad I don't care enough to, you know, regain an actual vocabulary.

*I have to dye my hair back to normal for the visit home. Sucks babies, man. I liked the pink. :(

*Christian girls make me laugh when I'm watching them try to flirt. God, I need to get off this damn campus.

*Statler and Waldorf make my fucking day.

*This is getting boring. No wonder I left it alone for months.

1 comment:

mike shipazzio? said...

well i love your view! normally i simply say people suck!